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  Road Trip POSTURE
Relatively low gas prices, high airfare and painfully long TSA lines are pushing more families than ever to head out on the highways this summer. But before the rubber meets the road, spine specialists caution travelers to check their "POSTURE," an easy-to-remember acronym for seven tips to keep back pain at a distance.

  Treating lower-back pain
How much bed rest is too much?

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9 for Spine   9 for Spine
NASS encourages its members, the media, health care professionals, government agencies and others to use the free “9 for Spine” video series on their web sites and social media channels to educate the public about the simple ways to keep their backs healthy. These videos are part of NASS' 9 for Spine public education campaign.

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Question: I was prescribed a back brace. Will my insurance benefits cover it?
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