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9 for Spine
While your back is a complex system of bones, nerves, discs, muscles and other tissues, keeping it healthy is actually pretty simple. Check out (and SHARE) these fun, educational videos from the North American Spine Society. They are part of NASS' 9 for Spine public education campaign.

If you are a NASS member and would like to use these free videos on your patient web site, please contact Nicolle Heller at nheller@spine.org.

Tip 01: Get regular exercise
Tip 02: Don't smoke!
Tip 03: Maintain a healthy body weight
Tip 04: Keep your core strong
Tip 05: Use proper body mechanics
Tip 06: Have good posture!
Tip 07: Reduce stress
Tip 08: Keep healthy, strong bones!
Tip 09: Don't be a weekend warrior!

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Coverage Recommendations   A Major Step Forward in Advocating for Appropriate Spinal Care Coverage
Are you looking for some in-depth reference material and/or guidance to identify appropriate spinal care coverage? Do you spend hours searching for answers on why your claim was denied? Do you wonder where to look for available supporting literature? If so, we have answers for you! Read more.

Patient Q&A
Question: I have been diagnosed with disc protrusion. My physician recommended surgery to relieve the pain. The surgeon mentioned they make a hole in the lamina to remove the protrusion. Does the lamina heal post-surgery or does the hole remain? Read answer.

New Animations!
View animations on spine conditions and treatments here.

Spine in the News

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