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      Individual Interest in Back and Neck Pain Research
NASS is exploring the feasibility of starting a nonprofit organization focused solely on raising and granting funds for medical research into back and neck pain. This is a survey about back and neck pain, how you feel it has affected you, how you feel it has affected society, and how we might respond to the problems and issues that arise due to back and neck pain.
Thank you for your time!

Choosing Wisely       Choosing Wisely
NASS has joined the ABIM Foundation's "Choosing Wisely" campaign and released a list of five specific tests and treatments that are commonly ordered but may not always be necessary in spine care. 

To learn more, read the news release and watch the video.

Social Media   Social Media and Medicine, or “Why Can’t We Be Facebook Friends?”
We often find ourselves frustrated when we can’t immediately reach someone, get an answer to a question or add them to our growing list of Facebook friends. This expectation of connection is even expanding to our medical care. Read more.

Patient Q&A

Question: I had a cervical hernia (c5-6) and osteochrondosis. After  I've completed the treatment, can I go back to my normal life? Can I work out, do strength training/bodybuilding? here.

New Animations!
View animations on spine conditions and treatments here.

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