Success Stories 
  Henry - Tumor Removal and
Cervical Spine Fusion
In 1980 and 2001, I had surgery to remove tumors from my spine. In 2004, I was suddenly in severe, constant pain. Simply getting out of bed each day required a heavy dose of hydrocodone. Unable to perform any task that required sustained attention, I had to rest often and was never comfortable.  

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    Deborah – Disc Replacement
For more than three years, I suffered with debilitating neck and shoulder pain. I also experienced arm, hand and finger weakness, numbness and tingling.   

I went from being an active woman who ran marathons, skied and scuba dived to a woman who could not lift anything higher than her shoulder and had to collapse on a recliner every night. I began and ended each day with drugs and ice packs. 

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    Rennette – Spinal Fusion
After losing 75 pounds in 1979, I began suffering from low lumbar spine pain that was sometimes severe. I experienced relief with sitting or stretching and was treated conservatively with anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS). In 1995, I suffered acute onset of severe nerve pain radiating down my right leg. Spinal X-ray films revealed spondylolysthesis from the second lumbar vertebra to the first sacral vertebra.   

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    Joe – Thoracic Disc Herniation
I complained to my wife that my legs were really rubbery, feeling kind of “funny.” At 70 years old, I blamed it on old age and not working out for a long period of time at the health club. As the days passed, my legs worsened. I would try to walk at the club and found myself staggering. It reached a point where I could barely walk without holding on to a walker.  

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