Incorporating Mechanical Diagnosis into Spine Care: What Every Spine Clinician Should Know Webinar

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  • Published On: Feb 12, 2018
  • Expires On: Apr 1, 2021

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Ron Donelson, MD, MS


Jason Hwang, MD

Brian Klepper, PhD

Ryan Tauzell, PT, MA, MDT

F. Todd Wetzel, MD

Clinical decision-making and patient-centric spine care are significantly compromised by a single fundamental deficiency: the inability to “precisely” diagnosis most conditions. Delivering value-based, individualized care requires greater diagnostic precision and accuracy that in turn identifies predictably effective, standardized treatment for each individual. Those are qualities rarely found in spine care, yet employer and union purchasers, increasingly interested in value, now actively seek solutions that can assure that care delivery is appropriate, necessary, and effective.

This recorded webinar will focus on improving our conventional diagnostic methodologies. This will demand acknowledgment of spine care’s strong bias toward identifying anatomic pain sources that are often inaccurate and usually insufficient to direct predictably-effective, standardized treatments.

One means of making a precise diagnosis is to conduct a mechanical assessment that then identifies that the majority of painful spinal conditions are rapidly reversible. These clinical methods will be presented with many quality and cost implications across the broad spectrum of spine care.

What you will learn:

  • Pursuing High Value Spine Care: Is Our Research Holding Us Back?
  • Does Spine Care Need Disruptive Innovation?
  • Purchasers’ Pursuit of High-Value Spine Care
  • Why MDT? Mechanical Diagnostics Enable Rapid Recoveries, Early and Even Late
  • How Does MDT Work?
  • Implementing MDT in a Spine Surgery Practice
  • Finding and Training High-Quality MDT Clinicians

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