Nutrition Considerations You need to Know for Spine Disorders Webinar

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  • Published On: Apr 2, 2018
  • Expires On: Jun 1, 2021

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John Mayer, DC, PhD, CCRP, FACSM


Carrie Diulus, MD

Ezequiel Gherscovici, PT, MSPT

Charity Lane, MS, MA, CPT, FNS, USAW

Alison Stout, DO

Ryan Tauzell, PT, MA, MDT

Nutrition plays an important role in health, wellness, and prevention and treatment of various disorders. Numerous factors and comorbidities are apparent in patients with spinal pain disorders that may be responsive to nutritional interventions, ranging from physiological processes (e.g. inflammation) to general health (e.g. obesity). However, specific information is largely unavailable to assist spine care practitioners with clinical decision-making processes for implementation of nutritional approaches for their patients. This symposium will discuss nutritional considerations for management of spinal pain disorders.

What you will learn:

  • General Introduction to Nutrition for Spine Care
  • State of Nutrition in Society
  • Practitioners/Scope of Practice
  • Interprofessional Considerations, Misconceptions, Barriers
  • Physiological Considerations for Nutritional Management: Inflammation, Hormonal Influences, Nutrition for Healing
  • General Health Considerations for Nutritional Management: Obesity Management, Exercise and Nutrition, Prevention